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Voyager Short Film

Voyager Short Film

Voyager Short Film

Supamonks Studio – Voyager is a short film by Loïc Magar & Roman Veiga. The film, which lasts about 10 minutes, mixing the techniques of stop motion and 3D animation. The film highlights the place that takes the technology in our society and offers a futuristic vision of the world as we know it.

The film was shot from a model of a 2m² surface representing a deserted city. Our character is a little girl of 7 years, living alone, inside this city. This character and other elements are in turn realized in 3D.

This project has the particularity to be self-produced. It is the fruit of hard work that lasted nearly a year and a half. From November 2013 to June 2015, forty people are relayed to direct this film. It would not have existed without the motivation of each.

Three major partners also contributed to the implementation of this project. Manuel Cam we began providing a film set and the material to build and run the game in stop motion film. Supamonks through its residency program has allowed us to make the 3D and special effects and studio Warning O Dogs is meanwhile responsible for any sound production of Voyager. It is with great enthusiasm that we all have welcomed into their premises and allowed to work in professional conditions.

Written and directed by Loïc Magar and Roman Veiga.
Produced by Cynthia Zammit & the directors.

Coproduced by Supamonks Studio, Manuel Cam, AOC
Directed into the Supa Residence of Supamonks Studio

Director of Photography – Maxence Magniez
Lead 3D Animation – Daniel Quintero


MANUEL CAM – Jean-Louis Padis, Mélinée Boucheron
Set Design – Marion Colasse, Maël Alby, Odile Pothier
Space Probe Maker – Jean Lefevre
Camera Operator – Roman Veiga



SUPAMONKS STUDIO – Kast, Peyo, Zwib, Lan12, Lâm, Marlène, Pink, Max, Amar and all the Supa great Team!
Character Design, Modeling, Rigging – Daniel Quintero
Character texturing, Shading – Martyn Stofkooper
Character Hair – Caroline Lobato
Props Lead – Josselin Clairet
Technical Supervisor – Daniel Quintero
Layout 2D – Arthur Bodart
Camera Tracking – Elliot Tesseraud
Lead Animation – Daniel Quintero
Animation – Jean-Marie Vouillon, Benoît Vincent, Vincent Donaz, David Varsi, Thibault Pissot, Adrien Kedochim, Sylvain de Tholomèse, Manon Hirat, Mélanie Fumey,
Lighting & Rendering – Rachad Meya, Loïc Bellot, Maud Bourgeais
Light Advisor – Catherine Rabier
Compositing – Maud Bourgeais, Loïc Bellot, Léo Natta, Joceran Compoint, Quentin Puiraveau, Simon Bau, Cyril Declercq
Visual Effects – Niels Prayer, Dang-Vy Nguyen
Matte Painting – Julien Hauville, Josselin Bailly
Editing – Loïc Magar
Production Manager – Cynthia Zammit

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